We are recruiting for Infinity Clan!


New Member

Yesterday I decided to set up my own clan called Infinity with Extens and we only currently have four members. Therefore, I feel as though it is the perfect time to seek out new recruits for our group! If you are interested in joining, then please read the requirements below.

  • You must have at least Prestige 220.
  • You must have over 500 TokenGreed on your pickaxe.
  • You must have Max Fortune on your pickaxe.
  • You must have mined 450k+ blocks with your pickaxe.
  • You must have Iron rank or above.
  • You must have Discord.
If you meet all these requirements and want to join, then please apply on our Discord which you can visit by clicking here. Our HQ is at /p h Infinity.

Thanks for reading this message.

- realoliver9912
Owner and Founder of Infinity Clan