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This is just a post about the items you can get from the Vexed & Vote shops, the costs, and what they do. I wanted to put this in one post and not a post and a comment below but when I try and post this it says the character limit is 10,000 (even though this was originally only about 3,700 characters) so most of this will be in the comments below.

Voteshop (Items that are exclusive to the Voteshop)
Legendary Key Backpacks - 100 Vote Points

Comes in 3 colors, Purple, Red, and Yellow. They're exclusive because part of the wording is bold, check out an example here to get an idea (or just check them out in the /voteshop)

You can also check how many Vote & Event Points you have by hovering over one of the glass panes in /eventshop and /voteshop. If you have anymore questions or need anymore help contact me or @Evernyte in-game (xCrazyGenetics & Evernyte) or on discord (xCrazyGenetics#9713 & Evernyte#7212) or check out InsaneStorm's post here.
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Eventshop + Voteshop (Items that are in both the Event and Vote shop)
Unidentified Tier 1 Crystal - 200 Vexed Points or 2 Vote Points

Unidentified Tier 2 Crystal - 375 Vexed Points or 4 Vote Points
Unidentified Tier 3 Crystal -
700 Vexed Points or 7 Vote Points
Unidentified Tier 4 Crystal - 1,250 Vexed Points or 12 Vote Points
These are pretty self explanatory but if you need more help on them check out the guide made by pramsing Here
Crystal Crate Key - 2,000 Event Points or 20 Vote Points

Use at /warp crates, you can get any type of Crystal from this crate. The only other ways to get this key are from the 2nd Vexed kit (Every 3 Days) or from Voting (1/300 chance)

5x Multiplier for 15min - 150 Vexed Points or 10 Vote Points
7.5x Multiplier for 15min -
250 Vexed Points or 14 Vote Points
10x Multiplier for 15min -
400 Vexed Points or 18 Vote Points
12.5x Multiplier for 15min -
500 Vexed Points or 21 Vote Points
15x Multiplier for 15min -
650 Vexed Points or 24 Vote Points
20x Multiplier for 15min -
950 Vexed Points or 30 Vote Points
25x Multiplier for 15min - 1,250 Vexed Points or 33 Vote Points
I think these are also pretty self-explanatory but multipliers increase the amount your blocks sell for for a certain amount of time (in this case 15 minutes)

Item-Rename Token - 1,000 Event Points or 15 Vote Points
Allows you to rename certain items, mainly any diamond item or backpacks.
Crystal Reroll Token - 5,000 Event Points or 130 Vote Points
Rerolls the boost type and boost percentage of a crystal (Ex: go from a 52% EXP crystal to a 75% Token Boost Crystal)
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5,000,000 Liquid EXP - 500 Vexed Points or 5 Vote Points
10,000,000 Liquid EXP - 900 Vexed Points or 9 Vote Points
25,000,000 Liquid EXP - 1,700 Vexed Points or 17 Vote Points
50,000,000 Liquid EXP - 3,000 Vexed Points or 30 Vote Points
100,000,000 Liquid EXP - 5,000 Vexed Points or 50 Vote Points
250,000,000 Liquid EXP - 11,500 Vexed Points or 115 Vote Points

500,000,000 Liquid EXP - 20,000 Vexed Points or 200 Vote Points
Add Liquid EXP to your pickaxes to level it up. Leveling up your pickaxes gives you a small token boost per level and unlocks crystal slots at certain levels (100, 250, 500, 750, 1,000)

Common Key Backpack - 1,500 Vexed Points or 25 Vote Points
Uncommon Key Backpack -
1,750 Vexed Points or 30 Vote Points
Rare Key Backpack -
2,000 Vexed Points or 40 Vote Points

Key Backpacks automatically hold/collect your keys as you mine. You upgrade them by destroying another lower level backpack (Ex: Upgrading a Legendary level 3 backpack with a Common, Uncommon, or Rare level 1 backpack).
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Wow helpful, I actually didn't know event shop was a thing till this, I don't use discord as I used to so I don't see announcements as much plus I have the server muted, Ty Crazy, usually I'm on the forms, would like to see active announcements


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Now that the reset has happened and the Event shop has been changed to the Vexed shop I updated the wording and prices for the post :D