Veritate Gang Recuitment


Staff member
Hello everyone,
The Veritate Gang is currently looking for two more members to join the gang.
The requirements are as follows :
- A Maxed Pickaxe (including Tokengreed)
- Prestige 800 (preferably 1000 or over)
- You MUST have a Discord Account
- You are required to be active in game most of the days of the week
- The Gang entry fee is 2.5 billion tokens
- You will need to pay 500 million tokens weekly
If you do not fit ALL of these requirements, please do not message me or the other gang owners.
If you DO fit every single requirement and would like to be a part of Veritate Gang, please feel free to message me or the other gang owners on Discord! Here are our Discord Tags :
MultiDust (Diamond)#7212