[Season 5] Most In-Depth Pickaxe Upgrading Guide To Date! (Including Bonus Crystal Guide)


Hello everyone! Welcome to this in-depth guide to pickaxe upgrades in Season 5 of VexedMC Prison Server!

This guide was made to help new, advanced, and expert players of all experience levels upgrade their pickaxe quickly, efficiently, and most of all with the most fun.

We have various sections in this guide, so if you want I've added a table of contents to show you what all is included in this guide below.

If you have any questions, my contact information is below in my signature.

Hope you all enjoy!

Table of Contents
  1. Pickaxe Enchantments
  2. Enchantment Upgrade Costs
  3. Sell Pickaxe Vs. Token Pickaxe
  4. Two Pickaxes Vs. One Pickaxe
  5. Basic Strategy
  6. In-Depth Strategy
  7. Mine, Rare, & Vexed Crate Keys
  8. What About Crystals?!?!
  9. Summary
Pick Enchantments

Every single pickaxe in game has the same 11 types of enchantments that can be put on them. I'm not including the "Showoff" enchantment in this guide as it literally does nothing and is a waste of tokens unless you have everything else maxed out.

Efficiency - Increases the speed of which you break a block. (Does not affect AutoMiner)
Fortune - Increases the amount of items you get per block.
Greed - Makes you sell items for more money.
Lucky - Makes you find tokens more often.
TokenGreed - Makes you find larger amounts of tokens.
Combo - Gives you a chance of receiving double the tokens from lucky.
Experienced - Increases the amount of Pickaxe XP you get from mining.
Lazy - Decreases the amount of Pickaxe XP needed per pickaxe level.
KeyGreed - Increases the amount of keys you get from mining.
Speed - Gives you a Movement Speed Boost while mining.
Jump - Gives you a Jump Boost while mining. (Does not work in PvP areas)

Enchantment Upgrade Costs

Each upgrade costs different amounts of tokens. The Starter Pickaxe has Efficiency 10 and Fortune 3 already on it, so I will take this into account in the totals below. If you have purchased a rank on the server which you can do here, you have access to /kit <rank_name>, which will give you higher default enchantments on your pickaxe. Tokens are the lifeblood of upgrading your pick to max level, with them you can achieve greatness.

(Level 10 - 250)
8,339,920 Tokens

(Level 3 - 10,000)
9,632,727,432 Tokens

(Level 0 - 3,000)
26,775,522,199 Tokens

(Level 0 - 100)
236,989,285 Tokens

(Level 0 - 1,000)
727,126,400 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
123,250,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
165,750,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
331,500,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 5)
442,500,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 3)
90,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 3)
300,000 Tokens
Sell Pickaxe Vs. Token Pickaxe

So, as a new player you're probably wondering which type of pickaxe you should try and go for when you first join the server. With the information we now have above, we can determine the exact cost of a Sell Pickaxe versus a Token Pickaxe. For right now we're not going to worry about Experienced or Lazy enchantments as these should be upgraded after you max out the type of pickaxe you're going to go for.

Sell Pickaxe Total Upgrade Cost: 36,859,089,551 Tokens
Token Pickaxe Total Upgrade Cost: 1,427,280,605 Tokens
(The following totals are a calculation of Efficiency + Pickaxe Type Enchants + KeyGreed)

As you can clearly see from above, a Token Pickaxe costs 25.82 times cheaper then a Sell Pickaxe. With a maxed out Token Pickaxe you can feed your Sell Pickaxe tokens and upgrade that to max level afterwards.

Two Pickaxes Vs. One Pickaxe

Some players enjoy and don't mind leveling up two pickaxes rather then one, however I see this as a disadvantage for players who do not have a Donator Rank on Vexed. It makes things a tad bit harder, but not unreasonably difficult to level to pickaxes. If you want to level up two pickaxes just note that you are going to be spending double the amount of tokens on the following enchantments: Efficiency, Experienced, Lazy, KeyGreed, Speed, & Jump. These enchants are equal to a combined total of 948,479,920 tokens. If you decide to level up two pickaxes you will be spending a combined 1,896,959,840 tokens on these enchantments combined. This calculation does not include the Lazy or Enchantments as these are 'end level' enchants that will be added on after your pickaxe type enchantments are maxed out.

Basic Strategy

With all the information I've given you so far, we're going to assume the logical path of choosing a Token Pickaxe first, and then focusing on our Sell Pickaxe.

We want to focus on the following enchantments in order of most importance to least importance. More information below about why I chose this order for the enchantments.

Efficiency > TokenGreed >= Lucky >= Combo > KeyGreed > Speed > Lazy > Experienced > Jump > Pickaxe Level

  • Efficiency will help you mine blocks faster, giving you more speed to move throughout a mine and clear the blocks necessary to make Lucky proc (Programmed Random Occurrence).
  • TokenGreed will allow the proc's from Lucky to be higher and thus more beneficial for you in the long term.
  • Lucky will make these proc's happen at a faster rate. If you have a Donator Rank, your /warp <rank_name><1|2|3> will have obsidian blocks that will force a proc to occur.
  • Combo will double the amount of tokens you receive every time a proc occurs.
  • KeyGreed will allow you to gain Mine, Rare, & Vexed Crate Keys which can be exchanged at /warp crates for amazing rewards! (More information below on these rewards for each crate)
  • Speed will help you move throughout the mine in a quicker manner.
  • Lazy allows you to decrease the amount of XP needed to level up your pickaxe, so before wasting tokens on Experienced, we want to lower our amount of experience needed per level to think about the long term gains, rather then the short term gains.
  • Jump is only really useful if you do not have /fly which comes with the Bedrock Rank.
  • Pickaxe Level will become more useful later on as you rank up, and prestige. If you would like more information on Prestige, Rank Ups, and Pickaxe Levels shoot me a message on Discord and I might make an In-Depth Prestige Guide later on!
In-Depth Strategy

There are many ways to go about this. There is no right or wrong answer to leveling up a pickaxe, if anyone tells you different then they're wrong. The only number one rule you have to remember is to focus on one type of pickaxe at a time, in this case a Token Pickaxe. Below was my strategy for leveling up my Token Pickaxe, feel free to use it or modify it to your tastes and needs.
  1. Efficiency to 150 so I could move throughout the mine faster and not waste time
  2. TokenGreed, Lucky, & Combo I leveled up together in increments of ten levels at a time, but I kept the ratio of 20:2:1 while leveling up. For example, if TokenGreed was at level 200, my Lucky should be at 20, and my Combo at 10. See this link for more information about the ratio calculation, or take a look at the Giphy below in the spoiler.
  3. Once I was able to afford to level up Speed & Jump, I do so as soon as possible as it doesn't cost much to upgrade it.
  4. While I was half way through leveling up my TokenGreed, Lucky, & Combo I made sure to have my KeyGreed up to 3 and my Efficiency maxed out.
  5. Once TokenGreed, Lucky, & Combo were all maxed, I finished off maxing out KeyGreed.
  6. I then worked on Lazy followed closely behind with Experienced. However do not level up Experienced first as this is just going to waste value experience points in the long run.
  7. Work on leveling up your pick and choosing the right crystals for the job!
Ratio calculation for a 1000:100:50 ratio

Mine, Rare, & Vexed Crate Keys

Here is the breakdown of each type of chest and what the possible rewards for that chest are. You can exchange keys for rewards at /warp crates.

Mine Crate
  • 10 x 5 Tokens
  • 25 x 10 Tokens
  • 50 x 25 Tokens
  • 100 x 50 Tokens
  • 250 x 64 Tokens
  • 15,000 Liquid XP
Rare Crate
  • 50 Tokens
  • 100 x 200 Tokens
  • 150 x 4 Tokens
  • 250 x 8 Tokens
  • 500 x 16 Tokens
  • 15 Minute 1.5x Sell Multiplier
  • 15 Minute 2x Sell Multiplier
  • 15 Minute 3x Sell Multiplier
  • 2 Rare Crate Keys
  • 1 Vexed Crate Key
  • Coal Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • Iron Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • Gold Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • 5,000 Liquid XP
  • 25,000 Liquid XP
  • 100,000 Liquid XP
  • 1,000,000 Liquid XP
  • Common Pet Egg
  • Uncommon Pet Egg
  • Tier 1 Unidentified Crystal
  • Tier 2 Unidentified Crystal
  • Tier 3 Unidentified Crystal
Vexed Crate
  • 100 Tokens
  • 250 x 2 Tokens
  • 500 x 4 Tokens
  • 1,000 x 8 Tokens
  • 2,500 x 16 Tokens
  • 15 Minute 1.5x Sell Multiplier
  • 15 Minute 3x Sell Multiplier
  • 15 Minute 5x Sell Multiplier
  • 15 Minute 7.5x Sell Multiplier
  • Access to /fly (Season Ability Unless Bought)
  • 1 Vexed Crate Key
  • Coal Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • Iron Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • Gold Donator Rank (Season Rank Unless Upgraded)
  • Common Key Backpack (Green)
  • Uncommon Key Backpack (Blue)
  • Rare Key Backpack (Red)
  • Legendary Key Backpack (Yellow)
  • Legendary Key Backpack (Gold)
  • 1 Item-Rename Token
  • 5,000 Liquid XP
  • 25,000 Liquid XP
  • 100,000 Liquid XP
  • 1,000,000 Liquid XP
  • Rare Pet Egg
  • Legendary Pet Egg
  • Tier 4 Unidentified Crystal
  • Tier 5 Unidentified Crystal
  • Tier 6 Unidentified Crystal
  • Tier 7 Unidentified Crystal

What About Crystals?!?!

This is a very good question! I'm glad you asked! As your pickaxe level increases you unlock more and more slots for crystals. With Season 5 comes some amazing changes, which makes leveling up pickaxes even easier! If you remove a crystal from your pickaxe, it no longer breaks the crystal. Also, with the recent changes made by @pramsing on 2/11/2019, we now have some amazing crystals at lower tiers as well due to a new algorithm change. I would suggest taking a look at #change-logs on Discord for more information.

What you should focus on first is getting yourself a Token Boost Crystal in all slots until you max out all of your enchantments for your pickaxe type. Once you have all of your enchantments maxed out, put your Token Boost Crystals in a chest, and swap them out for Experience Crystals. This will help you reach level 1,000 on your pickaxe and allow you to have the maximum available slots on your pickaxe for crystals. Once you have max slots on your pickaxe, focus solely on getting the best Token Boost Crystals you possibly can, and then maxing out your Fortune and Greed enchantments!


Thats about it guys, if you've made it this far you're truly a champ! Thanks for reading and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me via Discord! I don't really pay that much attention to my in-game PM's, so Discord is the way to go!


Really good thread, glad someone put the time into this. If anything changes with the new reset DM me in game/on discord and I'll try to help you update the guide as much as possible ;)