Prestige Calculator

Hey y'all!

Just a quick intro since some of you have probably seen me around but don't really know me. I've been playing on Vexed since late October, I bought Iron within the first 24 hours of playing as I was having a lot of fun and felt the server was well made and had a nice community. About a week later I then bought myself Vexed from Iron (unfortunately I didn't get Gold before the sale ended :(). I found myself a decent gang but played very casually. It was only just under 2 weeks ago (over a month of first joining the server) that I got my very first legendary crystal, you can see what my first ID was here and my reaction :p

Unfortunately I don't have the time to really spend maxing out my gear so I won't be on as much as I have been the past month. Depending on my upcoming activity in the coming weeks I'll consider doing a DP for you guys. It's been a fun little run but I'm a bit sad I didn't really get to know anyone more. If you do happen to see me around feel free to say hi, I won't bite :)

So since joining I've made and been using my own calculators however I thought I would release my prestige calculator to my gang and the forums since there wasn't one around. I fancied it up a bit so it's easier and cleaner to use. Now since I'm no programmer but a somewhat whiz in Excel that's the platform I made it in. It's a spreadsheet format so you'll need some sort of spreadsheet program to open it like Excel or Google Sheets (it should work in both).

I also made an "over the top" Fortune calculator which, given how many tokens I mined on average in 5 minutes, would predict how long it should approximately take to get to level X. But since there's already a enchant calculator here on the forums I didn't think it was necessary to clean this one for release. Let me know if you think otherwise. If enough of you want it I'll think about making it more user friendly. :p

Prestige Calculator (Spreadsheet): Download

If you have any questions or issues please let me know!

Adiós amigas!