Player Guide: Token Shop


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Here's my attempt at a player guide. If I missed anything, or you'd like someone to be updated, either comment below or message my discord @ Valox#4082
I was going to make a full playerguide, but the threads have to be uploaded separately due to a maximum character amount on threads
When you mine blocks, you have a chance of getting something called Tokens. These are important on this server. If you right-click your pickaxe, a menu will pop up. Click one of the books at the bottom to add it to your pickaxe using tokens you have.

Efficiency - Increases how fast you can mine blocks.
Fortune - Increases how many items you get per block (More $ per block mined).
Greed- Sell items for more $.
Lucky - Find tokens more often.
TokenGreed- Get larger amounts of tokens when you find them.
Combo - Chance of receiving double tokens from Lucky.
Experience- Increases XP amount you get on pickaxe when mining.
Lazy- Decreases amount of XP needed to lvl up your pickaxe.
KeyGreed- Increases amount of keys retrieved from mining.
Nightvision- Gives you nightvision when mining
Speed- Makes you walk/run faster
Jump- Gives you a higher jump boost

Showoff- Actually just to show off how many tokens you have. Don't get this until everything else is maxed out, as it does absolutely nothing.
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