Player Guide: Event Shop


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Here's my attempt at a player guide. If I missed anything, or you'd like someone to be updated, either comment below or message my discord @ Valox#4082
I was going to make a full playerguide, but the threads have to be uploaded separately due to a maximum character amount on threads


x5 Sell Multiplier- 75 Points

x7.5 Sell Multiplier- 100 Points

x10 Sell Multiplier- 200 Points

Unidentified Common Crystal- 200 Points

x12.5 Sell Multiplier- 300 Points

x15 Sell Multiplier- 400 Points

x20 Sell Multiplier- 450 Points

x25 Sell Multiplier- 500 Points

5,000,000 Liquid XP- 500 Points

Unidentified Uncommon Crystal- 500 Points

Crystal Crate Key- 580 Points

10,000,000 Liquid XP- 900 Points

Item Rename Token- 1,000 Points

Crystal Crowbar- 1,500 Points (Removes a crystal from pickaxe with NO chance of breaking it.)

Common Key Backpack- 1,500 Points

25,000,000 Liquid XP- 1,700 Points

Unidentified Rare Crystal- 1,750 Points

Uncommon Key Backpack- 1,750 Points

Rare Key Backpack- 2,000 Points

50,000,000 Liquid XP- 3,000 Points

100,000,000 Liquid XP- 5,000 Points

Crystall Reroll Token- 5,000 Points (Rerolls crystal boost type & percentage.)

Unidentified Legendary Crystal- 5,500 Points

250,000,000 Liquid XP- 11,500 Points

500,000,000 Liquid XP- 20,000 Points

Christmas Event Key Backpack- 25,000 Points (Blue, Green, Yellow, & Red Colors.)
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