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Hi I don't know how to start threads so here it is. I made a pickaxe guide for anyone that wants it because I want to help people upgrade their picks the best way possible to get the most tokens they can while mining.
I'm gonna start by saying this guide is only my opinion.
I believe this is a good way to start off your pickaxe, but you don't have to follow this if you don't want to but I think it is a great way to start enchanting a pickaxe.

Now that pickaxes were made Unbreakable with the reset and the Unbreakable and Undroppable enchants were removed I would suggest starting off with NightVision and the first level of Speed. Both enchants are very useful when mining. NightVision helps you see the blocks you mine as it gets dark in the mines and Speed is useful so you can move quicker and mine more blocks.Don't get anymore levels of Speed or any levels of Jump until you can make more tokens. If you're starting with an Obsidian or higher donor pick don't start with Efficiency or Fortune. If you have a starter pick or donor pick below Obsidian, get Efficiency to about 15-20 to start.
It isn't a good idea to start by trying to max one enchant right away then moving on to the next enchant and so on. It would be better to enchant multiple enchants gradually.
Start off by getting TokenGreed to about 50 and Lucky to about 5. Once that's done if you want a higher Efficiency get it to about 30-35. Don't work on it anymore until you have spare tokens. Afterwords (or if you don't care about a higher efficiency) continue working on TokenGreed until level 100-125 and Lucky until level 10. Lucky becomes expensive quickly so don't work on it past level 10-15 until your TokenGreed level is past 250-300 ish.
After TokenGreed is level 100-125 I would suggest getting the other 2 levels of Speed and if you want the Jump enchant you could get it now (If you don't care having a jump effect while mining don't get it because all 3 levels cost 300k tokens).
Next if you have a backpack and want to earn some more keys get the first level of
KeyGreed. Don't go past that because the second level alone is 1.6mil tokens. After this you could go two different ways depending on if you want money or tokens. If you want tokens, continue working on TokenGreed until it's level 200-225 and get Combo to level 10-15. However, if you want money work on getting Fortune to level 150-175 and start working on getting Greed to level 20-25.
If you chose the token path I would suggest going back and doing the money path now just so you can earn a little extra money to get to the Free rank and start prestiging (only if you want to of course). Now would also be a good time to save tokens and max the
Jump enchant if you haven't done so already and if you want the enchant. (If you don't want the enchant at all you can of course just skip any mention of it in this xd).

It would also be good to get the first ten levels of both Experienced and Lazy. Higher pickaxe levels gives you more tokens from your luckies (hover over the lucky message to see what I mean), and the first 10 levels aren't too expensive. Next I would suggest working on TokenGreed and Lucky some more, getting TokenGreed to level 250-275 and Lucky to level 20-25.

After that it's entirely up to you and what you want to upgrade.:)

One last note though, do not get the enchant Show Off at least until your pickaxe is maxed. The Show Off enchant does not do anything, it is just an enchant to waste your tokens on once you have nothing to spend tokens on.

If you have any questions about this DM me on discord, @xCrazyGenetics#9713, or contact me in-game.

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