Pickaxe guide (beginning of reset)


Alright so there's 2 paths you take: The first one is if you have a rank with /buy (the higher the better).

Disclaimer: Leveling your pick will feel like a slow process no matter what, the only difference between the top player and the average player following this guide is usually amount of time put in per day.

1.) Start of with TG. Any tokens you have should go into token greed.
Once you hit lvl 100 TG, get 5 lucky and 5 combo when you can.
Shortly after try saving up for key greed 1 for the extra keys which give more tokens.
At around 200-250 tg upgrade lucky and combo to 20-25 if you can, if you're struggling hold off on this step until around 400 tg or you get a decent crystal boost
Try to focus on getting token pets/crystals/etc. If you happen to get really good sell crystals/pet then you can use that but don't level any non-token enchant until you're near max tg/lucky/combo.
When you max lucky/combo and eventually TG then focus lvl 200 greed and 1k fortune.
Repeat this process until you get bored and max all the other enchants.
Return to leveling greed/fortune until max.
Now you win the server, time to quit ;)

2.) Level up lucky right off the bat. This will enable you to get token procs much much more often along with keys.
Lucky should be your main focus, the higher the level the more tokens/keys you get.
Upgrade tokengreed/combo when you feel that you need more tokens per proc.
The rest is pretty much a slower version of 1.) past that as far as I'm aware.
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