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So its kinda self explanatory with the title but here I am talking about specific things that should be added.
1) Crystals
I say this because even I would buy one, wether it be common or legendary I feel the price would be hard to determine but somewhere around 20 for legend or more
2) A x2 block mine multi(for yourself)
This would be like for every block you mine it counts as 2 blocks and this could be good for like gangs to levelup and whatnot.

These are just what i think of when I wanna buy from /buy
Personally i think a lot of people would buy these but it might break the econ soooo I'm guessing that why you didnt add them, but still I feel It would be way better if you added them into /buy
anyway this is just my thought and many others too


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- No crystals, People will be fucking pay to win which is not fun..

- Don't think people are gonna buy an 2x multiplier since you can get them from crates + Daily gang rewards.

- But if pram is adding, +100000 dollar for pramsing


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Like @GotHimInA1Point7 said it might make Gangs a bit pay to win. Crystals are already in crates and are a possible reward for voting, adding them to buycraft would just make them less rare and special.
I like the idea of adding something new to buycraft just not what would be added.
Maybe you could buy something like a vote party for everyone but there's only a limited amount of times someone can buy it per a certain amount of time. Like one player can only buy it twice a month or something so someone can't just buy 10 vote parties and everyone gets 10 vote party crate keys. Or something where the percent of obsidian in the PvPmine is increased by a bit for a few hours or something.
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