Key Backpacks


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Key backpacks can hold and open keys.

Key Backpacks can have different rarities. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Special.
The way Key Backpacks are leveled is using another Key Backpack.
You drag another key backpack to the emerald in the menu of the backpack you want to level up.

Better Key Backpack rarity means that it can hold more keys per level.
Common: 100 keys per level
Uncommon: 250 keys per level
Rare: 500 keys per level
Legendary: 1,000 keys per level
Special: 1,500 keys per level

Special rarity can also automatically open Mine Crate Keys that you receive. That feature is exclusive to Special key backpacks, and it's enabled in the menu of the backpack.
Special key backpacks can be purchased from the store.
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I have a lvl 7 uncommon kbp. I was wondering if I used that to upgrade a legendary kbp, would it take the levels on the uncommon one and put it onto the legendary one?