Kenneth's FPS Boosting Guide


Kenneth's FPS Boosting Guide

Hello, welcome to my FPS boosting guide. You might be wondering what FPS stands
for? It stands for frames per second. This is a important number that represents how well

your computer is rendering minecraft in real time. The higher the number, the better.

Step One

First, you need to install an essential tool to help your minecraft run better and add
some cool features like capes and shaders. Visit optifine and install it for your current minecraft version. Once you downloaded it
run the jar file and click the button install. There should be no issues. It should look like this.

Step Two

Now that you have optifine installed your going to want to find out how much RAM your computer has. Please
keep in mind this tutorial is designed for windows. Click the windows key on your computer and search for "Control Panel" then
click on System and Security, then System. Look next to Installed Memory (RAM) it should have a number. We will
need this number for step three.

Step Three

Now that we have optifine, open your minecraft launcher. Click on the tab launch options
and turn on the last switch that says Advanced Options.


Now select the minecraft profile with optifine in it. Now were going to edit how much
RAM is dedicated to minecraft. It should say 1G.​


Now change it to the number of your ( RAM ) divided by two. If you have four or less RAM, please don't do this. So,
my ram is 16. So i would change it to 8G. When completed it should look like this.


Once completed click the button save.​

Step Four

Now that we finished that, we can move on to cleaning up your computer. This step is very important. If you
already have the product
"CCleaner" then this step is not for you. If you dont, please visit the website here and wait
for it to start the download. Once completed please install the product and run it. So let me explain, this software is designed
to remove unused files sitting on your computer and make it preform better. Witch is correct, you can defiantly notice a difference
in you computer's speed. Now that you have CCleaner open you want to click the button "Run Cleaner". After it finished it should look
like this. Remember to do this every other day, CCleaner will remind you to keep your computer clean aswell.


Step Five

Now time for the fun part, the minecraft settings. Once you launched your minecraft open the video settings, you should have
more than usual with optifine now. Please fill in all of the settings below into your minecraft client.

Graphics: Fast
Smooth Lighting: Off
Smooth Lighting Level: Off
Brightness: (Personal Opinion)
Fog: Off
Render Distance: 8
Max Framerate: Unlimited
View Bobbing: Off
Use VBOs: On
Alternate Blocks: Off
Fog Start: 0.4

Smooth FPS: On
Fast Render: On
Chunk Updates: 4
Lazy Chunk Loading: Off
Smooth World: On
Fast Math: On
Dynamic Updates: On

MipMap: 4
Anoscopic Levels: 0
Clear Water: On
Better Grass: Fast
Custom Fonts: On
Swamp Colors: Off
Connected Textures: Fast
Custom Sky: On
Dynamic Lights: Off
MipMap Type: Nearest
Antialiasing: Off
Custom Colors: On
Smooth Biomes: On
Natural Textures: On
Custom Items: On

Clouds: Off
Trees: Fast
Sky: Off
Sun & Moon: Off
Translucent Blocks: Fast
Dropped Items: Fast
Vignette: Fast
Cloud Height: Off
Rain & Snow: Fast
Stars: Off
Show Capes: On
Held Item Tooltips: On
Entity Shadows: Off
Dynamic FOV: Off

Simply click, all off. Some can
remain on to your choice.

Step Six

Last thing you want to do is run Disk Cleanup, hit the WINDOWS+R and type "cleanmgr.exe". Once that finished scanning check all
of the boxes listed there. When done, click OK. It should look like this.


Thanks for using my guide! I will add on more and probbably create a new version shortly. And one for Mac in the future. Please
let me know what you think! If this did not improve your FPS, buy a new computer ;)



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