Add a /rent option for if u want to rent another persons pickaxe if your too lazy to upgrade yours/if its taking too long and you want to speed it up. you would rent it from 1 hour at least to 1 day max. it would be like /trade but the person you rented it from gets the pickaxe back automatically after the time limit is up. You wouldnt be able to put it in a /trade or /dropitem it. You also wouldnt be able to put it in player vaults, /ah or take the crystals off of it/add crystals onto it. only reason it would be /rent is to reduce stealing. (dont blow me up for just being lazy)
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I like the idea, but there could be some flaws that may be pointed out. Such as if the pickaxe is destroyed? Will a "copy" be rented, or will it be the actual pickaxe?


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They could be dropped with /dropitem and with that you could throw it into fire / lava. You could also take the crystals off before the person gets their pick back etc. How could this be avoided with this system @ImUpForDiscord?