I have returned


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I have returned after a while from the server, I believe before I left in probably 2018 start of 2019 Its been a rollercoaster of wtf, let me tell you what happened before coming back to this amazing ass server

What has happened?:
What has happened while I have died from this server? well, first I was still in Middle School, last year I was there, I was in 8th-grade lmao, nothing really exciting really happened, but I was an Admin of a decent-sized Twitch Channel, I had basically every permission a Channel Admin had, Dashboard, access to bots dashboard, hell I even had the streamers number lmao, some complication happened and he demoted me back to regular, but recently he gave me mod back because his other mods didn't know how to do some shit I did. I was a staff member of Elitelupus Gmod server 1-6 and a lot of people loved me there I made such wonderful friends and if you've played his server and saw Wet Mop with the Anime Profile picture or the "Every day I'm truffling pfp" With some fat kid lmao that was me, say Hi if you seen me please, I had over 500 sits, but I was demoted from the server because I banned MRDMrs while off duty, *If you didn't know staff on a gmod server get a Job and that's an on-duty staff" I also leaked staff guidelines, which was what the staff should ban people for, and what reason, an SM "Staff Manager" said "The thing I never understood is why the staff guidelines are so protected, the reason being if you think about it if you think about, and they can make their own version, but on the second side, they can use it against you, how can they use it against you, its black and white, RDM is RDM, NLR is NLR," So it was a shit show that got me perm banned on their fourms and their servers, idk its stupid, if you don't know who elite is here is his channel Elitelupus also when I was staff of the server I was just starting off my Freshmen year and I still currently am a few months have passed since then and I applied on InvadedLands, which I got denied because well I was a inactive on the server, now here I am present day, back on VexedMC.

What I've seen since I've rejoined?:
Ever since I rejoined I've noticed a lot of things, such as some people and some staff and an Ex-Staff SamLegends, I've noticed some other things like 99.9% of the server has ranks, plots are non-existent which I don't really see why they were removed even with the gang system and hangouts I still prefer the plot system, so much creativity was made there, amazing builds, great shops, now it's just a little hangout with /g visit, Oh and also my ping be 50 but servers TPS be 5 I swear the server has to fix itself ion what happened it used to be no lag and now it's like playing Rust with 1100 ping, a lot of old staff are still here which is really cool that I can meet them again, and overall I see the Pros run over the Cons, but again that's my opinion, I mean I haven't stopped playing the server I've only joined like a week ago and I've been playing it a lot.

Last Thing I just want to give a big thanks to all the staff and Pram because the server would not be what it is without them old staff and new staff still really amazing people I appreciate all of them.



Welcome back SpicyNoodle! I look forward to seeing you on the server! Also, I don’t think your allowed to mention other server names even on the forums so keep that in mind.