Guide to catch cheaters on video.


Here’s a guide to how to catch cheaters easily. I use the replay feature so I’m not bothering to record long matches, I just hit the “save replay” keys, and a video is created from the last 30 seconds previously.​
OBS Studio is a 100% free program; it needs configuration to work without crashing. The options mentioned next are for optimal use, not for quality. You will record your videos in the more basic way without overloading your computer.​
Download the program here:​
I highly recommend you to use the options as set on the next images. I tell this because I tried before with a high configuration and I got frozen videos and other crashes.​
Go to the settings tab in the main screen and tweak options like this:​
Encoder could be any other brand besides AMD, make sure it’s on hardware. Where it says recording path, you set yourfavorite folder where the videos will be created. Like in your documents:​
Renderer could be Direct3D 10, 9 or even 12, the higher the better.​
I recommend setting a combination of keys that are not used when typing, or you could start recording without noticing, for example CTRL + R, so if you press those keys it will create a video of the previous 30 seconds:​
Now set the configuration for the game. Click on the plus sign and go to “Game capture:​
Tweak your options like this:​
Now if everything is fine, right click on the program icon and click on “start replay buffer”:​
I recommend playing on windowed mode because the recorder does not prompts a message when is recording (like the red dot) also, in my opinion it’s easier to tweak and make sure its working. Once the program starts NEVER move or resize thewindow of the game or it will turn black and might not record anything; always make sure that the preview screen on the program is not black; if something goes wrong and the screen goes black only close the program and start it again. To make it easy start the game first with your desired windows size and position and then start the program.​
Hint: make test to make sure everything works fine, including audio, because audio makes easy to identify some cheats such as “autoclikers”. You can make sure you deactivate your microphone, you don't want everyone hearing you screaming bad words at those cheaters and scare the moderators. u_u​
Hint: If you feel like getting better videos and your computer can stand the recorder without crashing, you could try to increase one by one, little by little, these recommended options: recording quality (output settings), encoder preset (output settings), downscale filter (video) and so other options such as video bitrate (output settings) or anything else as you feel.​
Once you got the video you can upload it and post it on a forum to report a cheater.​
-Part 2-​
I tried a higher configuration to get better videos with less blurriness, so here you can tweak those next recommendations, ifyou feel that your computer (graphic capabilities) can stand more or if you never had problems before with the recording program.​
Be careful with the maximum memory, as Minecraft is a game of low resources it can run with very old computers, and if your computer is old you may not want to exceed more than 100MB, I really don’t know how this works but however you probably might not need more than 100MB for a replay of 30 seconds.​
Tweak everything at your own risk, if this causes you problems I suggest using the previous configuration on -Part 1-.​
If you feel like cutting your videos or assembling them you could use this free software called: Free Video Cutter Joiner (forWindows 7 and Mac systems).​
Very easy to use, I love this one because you don’t need complex video editors to just cut or attach videos, is very fast and the quality in my opinion is not affected. One thing to consider is that if you want to attach videos, all must be of the same format, frame rate, etc. or it may fail and you could see garbage or a green screen on some parts. It does not modify sound, you could make videos without sound if you change the format when joining but not specialized in sound modifying or addingbackground music.​


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I don’t get it, if you see someone “cheating” report them with a screenshot of them “cheating” with their name, and if someone is that extra to X-ray then again just report them to staff even tho that would be so stupid to X-ray on a prison server, like every block is worth the same, and if you don’t have screenshot app use the Minecraft screenshot, this is only needed if you’re a staff and if you are staff you should know how to record or take a screenshot