Food for thought


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a few things came to mind that could improve some of the new gang stuff

1. Gang keys / Gang crates
The gang mine is pretty much untouched at this point except for the auto-mine part i was thinking of maybe adding a chance to find Gang keys inside the actual mine.
Gang keys could be turned in at /warp crates and as a reward give out gang supplies : Coins , Wood , Stone , Food. This way the mine could become way more popular instead of just an afking spot

2. Personal Area's
This might be a bit trickier to do , but since there are only gang hideouts now if a gang gets big enough there won't be enough space for everyone to have their own little area. maybe give everyone a small area people can visit so players can set up chest shops / personal storage stuff like that so the gang hideout doesn't get cluttered

Just some thoughts i had while playing, i'd love to see feedback on this.


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Cool suggestions. I don’t think the whole Gang Key idea will be implemented, but it’s definitely a good thought.

Happy Holidays!


+1, but the gang keys should be added to all mines. Make them either decent and as rare as vexed keys, or crappy and kinda common. I feel like the insane grind for gangs makes solo gang nearly impossible