Exclair's big pp intro


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What's popping boys,

Just thought I'd make myself apparent in the forums, I been playing on the server for a hot minute now and it's been a ton of fun =)

So I'm Exclair, here's a little about me,
- I'm 19
- I played soccer like all my life
- I like playing minecraft because it's so chill and don't have to take it crazy serious
- I also play Overwatch (GrandMaster)
- Like most, I love anime, it fucking smacks. Top animes are: DemonSlayer, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online (season 1), and Naruto (my roots).

So that's a few simple things about me, just trying to meet people, so if you read this, tell me something about yourself that'd kinda dope :3


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Well welcome :p

Im not a big anime watcher but Sword Art Online is actually super dope :p