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Hello everyone,
My name is Evernyte and I'm a Moderator on here. I've been working on a calculator for a while, and thanks to @pramsing 's help and @xCrazyGenetics 's testing, I've completed it.

The Calculator consists of every single enchant in the game. As for ShowOff, over level 889, every single level will cost 2 billion tokens, so I'll let you do the math ;)

The other enchants will stop at their maximum level, so no point in testing to see how many tokens it is from Fortune 0 to a billion.

I have done this due to the very simple fact that putting too large of a number will cause your CPU to heat up intensively and may result in your computer being damaged (I did it myself and had to wait a good 10 minutes before it finally gave me the answer).

I sincerely hope you enjoy the Calculator I made, and please feel free to report any bugs to me, whether as a reply or in dm's. Have fun! :D

Download the Calculator here!

I've now added a smaller and less good-looking version for non-HD screens (less than 1920x1080), as I've been getting a few requests for it.

Download the smaller Calculator here!
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If that's the case and you're on Windows, go into the Command Prompt and type :
java -jar Calculator.jar
and see what error messages pop up in the command prompt. Then please dm me them so I can attempt to fix the bug.