Donator ranks get access to redstone

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Let me explain, I join prison servers and like to host fun things for players to join on plots. Some of the things I require redstone, or at least make them look way better and make things more fun. For example one of the things I do is host skin competitions, and I use pistons to drop the players I liked on each round to a lower level. There are obviously other ways of creating skin competition arenas but this is by far my favorite method and it makes things so much more fun. I'm not saying give the lowest donator rank access to use redstone, but maybe a rank that costs a bit more money, like obsidian or bedrock. Just a suggestion tho, hope you take it into consideration and thank you :)
although i agree with you, I have bedrock rank, and I think it would be kinda annoying getting restone if I collect my kit beacause then I would have to keep throwing the redstone out everytime. What there should be is something like /kit "redstone" that everybody has access to


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As said by Crazy,
Even if redstone was only enabled for higher donor ranks it could still end up creating lag which we do not want.
I feel that no one should have redstone perms as It would cause alot of lag. Even if high donor ranks has perms for Redstone, players who are planning to quit would start making mag machines and that would be no good.


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If anyone is allowed redstone access, then it'd be everyone, not just donors. This is most likely not going to be added. Thread Locked
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