DJRedNightMC Vouch Thread

Hey there! If you're reading this forum post, it means that you've either done business with me, or you're about to. This thread has all the users that have done business with me successfully, and their review.

If you are looking to do business, scroll through and look at the people i've done business with.

If you've done business with me, please reply down below with what the transaction was, and a small review of how the transaction went.

Please don't leave a reply unless we've done business together. This vouch thread is for IRL deals only, and not in game trades.


Date: 2/10/2019
IGN: NoLifeDragon
125m Tokens / $5 GC

Date: 2/27/2019
Discord: Eclipse#1570
2B Tokens / $20 GC

[Tokens/Rank Upgrade]
Diamond -> Obsidian
Date: 3/3/19
Discord: Andersl0v#7941
1.5B Tokens / Rank Upgrade
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