Diversity's Gang Recruitment


Diversity Gang Info & Requirements
Diversity is a friendly and easygoing gang sustained by @[Co-Owner] Mentos and @[Owner] BatBrine at the moment. If you need or want to know more information about Diversity feel free to pm either of us. We currently have 13/15 slots available.

<!>Must have a minimum playtime of 8 Days and must be constantly active on both In-Game and on Discord for announcements etc. (If you know you will be away for a few days dm one of us.)
<!> Must have a maxed or closed to max pickaxe. (Will make certain exceptions based on your playtime and prestige.)
<!>Must be prestige 300 or higher.

The gang will not require any token fees, and If you want an invite to the discord link to apply and to learn more dm me @Mentos#1792.