Crystals & Key Backpacks


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There are Unidentified Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Legendary Crystals. Right-click them to identify the crystals, and see the token boost % they give. To add them to your pickaxe,
right-click the pickaxe, when you see the menu, click the nether star, an then drag your crystal to the dye. Your first slot is free, but to unlock more slots, level your pickaxe to 100, 250, 500, 750, and 1,000 to unlock the other 5 slots.

Key Backpacks (KBPS)

Key Backpacks are used to hold keys. When mining, keys received will automatically go to your backpack instead, and won't take up inventory space, unless the backpack is full. The backpacks hold 500 as a start, but depending on rarity and how much you upgrade them, can differ with the number held. To upgrade a backpack,
right-click it, and drag another backpack onto the emerald. It will destroy the other backpack, but upgrade yours. To withdraw keys from the backpack into your inventory, click the tripwires in the menu. To open the keys, click the chests in the menu. Clicking the paper in the menu will take all keys from your inventory and put them into the backpack, until the backpack is full.
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