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/Vmine - Warp to your best mine
/AS - Turn Autosell on/off
/AH - Auction house, where people sell list items & you can buy, or vice-versa.
/Shop - Buy blocks and other items here for a set price.
/Skull - Recieve your head! Spooky.

/Settings - Turn on/off: Crate, Rankup, Prestige, Player Join, Player Leave, Pickaxe Lvl, Lucky, Inventory Full, Tokens Recieved, Autosell, AnswerBot, Kill messages.

/Dropitem - Used to drop your pickaxe on ground. Cannot 'q' it, so you can't accidently drop your pick.

/Vote - Used to vote for the server. You will get vote & rare keys, along with vote tokens.

/Discord - Link to join the discord.

/Buy - The Store to buy ranks, and many other things.

/Rules - Shows the server rules. Make sure to read these.

/Warps - Shows all the warps on the server, including mines.

Autominer - Very useful if you are doing something else and don't have time to mine. You will still recieve $, Tokens, & Keys from mining, but it mines at a much slower rate. Click the villager at spawn, the green wool in the menu, and hold your pickaxe out to start mining. To leave, use /miner leave. Certain commands may not work when using autominer.
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