Chest Shop Guide [Updated]

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Hello! This is a much more Accurate and Updated post on Chest Shops.
Credits to @Alvyos for creating the original post linked HERE .


Step 1 : Setting Up The Chest.
> Place a Single, or a Double Chest.

-Make sure that there are no chest(s) near the future chest shop, otherwise it would cause the chest(s) to become a shop as well.

Step 2 : Creating the Chest Shop.
> Place a sign on the chest.

-You can have the sign anywhere around the chest.
*Click to Zoom*


Now how do you set up the Buy/Sell sign?
Well, its pretty easy.

First line of the Sign : (Ur In-Game Name.)
Second line of the Sign : How many items are you buying / selling.
Third line of the sign : How much are you paying for it.
Forth line of the sign : The item ID.

Example :
*Click to Zoom*
This means that I am Selling 'Air' for $1 In-Game Money.

*Click to Zoom*

This means that I am Buying 'Air' for $1 In-Game Money.

If you are buying something from a player, make sure the third line of the sign says 'S [Price]'.
If you are selling something to a player, make sure the third line of the sign says 'B [Price]'.
Don't get confused!

Tips, Tricks and Questions :

"Is there a way to shorten 1 Billion instead of typing out all the 0's?"
- Yes you can, just type in 1E9. The number behind E is the amount of 0's there will be, so 1E9 is equal to 1 Billion.

"How do you get the Item ID for the specific item?"
- Just hold onto the item, and do /iteminfo. (Or /iinfo in short)

"What if I don't have enough money anymore?"
- If you do not have enough cash, the shop would stop you from buying the items, until you have enough cash to buy more.


Hope this post was useful.
I will update the post if you spot any spelling/grammar mistakes, so let me know!

PS : Do /p h Guide or /p h ChestShop In-game for a quick and easy version of this.


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This just isn't an "updated" version it's just a copy of Alvyos's without the item IDs which was what needed to be updated :ROFLMAO: everything else was fine.
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Or.. You just go to /p h ChestShop in-game which shows how to do a chestshop guide. Quick and easy version, not many steps :)
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