Best Beginners Guide to Season 6 (All you need to know)


Hello my fellow homosapines, some of you may know me from the IGN myrtics. But for those you of that don't, hello, my name is myrtics. Today I am here to bring you an updated guide of:

This guide covers a lot of the things that will be covered in this post, but that post is for season 5 while this one is for season 6.

if you have any questions feel free to message me ingame or reply to this post.

Table Of Contents

1. Changelog (what is different this season)
2. Enchant upgrades.
3. Enchant upgrade price
4. Which pickaxe is better? Token pick or sell pick
5. Most efficient strategy
6. Crystals and how they are used


New captcha system to further prevent bots.
- Fixed the custom prestige colors resetting on restarts.
- Fixed pet feeding. (Now 5 food types: Carrots, Potatoes, Wheat, Sugar, Cocoa Beans)
- Fixed this bug: ( (
- NEW: Farming. There's a farm at spawn, gold warp, bedrock warp, god warp, and vexed warp. These farms are the only way to get the food required to feed your pets.
- /warp free has been removed. - The plugin that handles tokens has been remade. Previously, we were using a public plugin. Now it's custom. This should improve performance.
- New /rules
- New /help
- New /season
- Charity enchant is back, but changed a little... (With two settings in /settings for you to disable your own charity messages and/or other people's.)
- /trade has been removed. Why? Because there was a bug that could make you lose items.
- The server now allows 1.14.x players to join.
- /trails has been removed, for performance reasons.
- /jp prices have been updated
- Crystal percentages have changed. They are now 5-10% per tier instead of 10-15% per tier. The new equation for crystal tiers is tier(5) = Minimum. tier(10) maximum.
-Example 2(5) = 10 2(10) = 20

Enchant Upgrades
There are a ton of custom enchants, to access these, right click your pickaxe and then click on the one you want to upgrade.

Efficiency: Increases the speed of which you break a block. (Does not affect AutoMiner)
Fortune - Increases the amount of items you get per block.
Greed - Makes you sell items for more money.
Lucky - Makes you find tokens more often.
TokenGreed - Makes you find larger amounts of tokens.
Combo - Gives you a chance of receiving double the tokens from lucky.
Experienced - Increases the amount of Pickaxe XP you get from mining.
Lazy - Decreases the amount of Pickaxe XP needed per pickaxe level.
KeyGreed - Increases the amount of keys you get from mining.
Charity - Gives you a small chance to activate 'charity' while mining. When charity activates, it will cause all online players to get a 'lucky'.
Speed - Gives you a Movement Speed Boost while mining.
Jump - Gives you a Jump Boost while mining. (Does not work in PvP areas)

When you activate a charity, you will get your previous lucky(100), so if your lucky was 1,000 and charity activated when you got that lucky it would 1,000(100) = 100,000. But for everybody else, when your charity activates, they would get whatever their most recent lucky was

Enchant Upgrade Costs
Some of these can get quite pricy, but trust me they will be easier to get if you spend your tokens right.

(Level 10 - 250)
8,339,920 Tokens

(Level 3 - 10,000)
9,632,727,432 Tokens

(Level 0 - 3,000)
26,775,522,199 Tokens

(Level 0 - 100)
236,989,285 Tokens

(Level 0 - 1,000)
727,126,400 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
123,250,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
165,750,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 50)
331,500,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 5)
442,500,000 Tokens

(Level 0-100)

(Level 0 - 3)
90,000 Tokens

(Level 0 - 3)
300,000 Tokens

Token or Sell pick?

Most people know this but for those of you new players that don't, a token pick is a lot more expensive now that charity is added back. However, you probably don't need charity maxed to have a good token pick. If you have all your token enchants maxed, not including charity, you would get around 50,000 from a lucky block, and 150,000 without a lucky block.

Showoff is another enchant but it is worthless, the only time you should upgrade showoff is when you have everything else maxed.

Below I will list out the prices of the two different types of pickaxes not including lazy, charity, or experienced.

Sell Pickaxe Total Upgrade Cost: 36,859,089,551 Tokens
Token Pickaxe Total Upgrade Cost: 1,427,280,605 Tokens
(The following totals are a calculation of Efficiency + Pickaxe Type Enchants + KeyGreed)

As you can see a token pickaxe is a lot cheaper than a sell pickaxe, so when you are starting out I would highly recommend a token pickaxe. If you choose to have two pickaxes (which you should only have if you are a high rank on vexed) then you can use the token pickaxe to feed your sell pickaxe.

Bonus: One or Two Pickaxes?

So if you played previous seasons, you have seen people with two pickaxes, one is a sell pickaxe, and one is a token pickaxe. What I am going to do this season is completely max out one pickaxe and just switch out the crystals (which will be noted later on in the post). This will overall save me a lot of tokens since I don't have to double up on efficiency and fortune. But if you want to have two pickaxes because you are bored and you want to grind then go for it. But I wouldn't recommend it unless you have a donator rank.

Most efficient strategy
This strategy is the most commonly used strategy at the begging of the season.

The only enchants you want to work on at first is tokengreed, combo, and lucky. This is because it will allow you to get more tokens to work on other enchants. This is only if you have a pickaxe with efficiency over the level of 150. If you don't upgrade efficiency so you can easily move throughout the mine.
After you have efficiency 150 or above then it is time to move onto tokengreed, combo, and lucky. The ratio I like to stick to is for every 100 levels of
tokengreed, upgrade 10 levels of lucky and 5 levels of combo. Once you get to tokengreed 400, keep doing the same thing except now it is time to get your first level of charity. There is no set strategy on how to max out charity since it is so expensive and the server only reset yesterday, so just keep working on charity whenever you have a few extra tokens to speed.
Once you have maxed out tokengreed, combo, and lucky, now it is time to move onto other enchants. Below is a list on how you should go about finishing maxing out your pickaxe.

KeyGreed > Speed > Lazy > Experienced > Jump > Pickaxe Level
  • Keygreed will help with getting keys and getting a lot of keys is useful for getting all sorts of things out of crates. I wouldn't recommend maxing keygreed unless you have high-level key backpack or else you will have a rough time with keys.
  • Speed will allow you to move around the mine quicker
  • Lazy and Experienced is useful if you need to upgrade the level of your pick faster by lowering the amount of experienced needed to level it up.
  • Jump is only useful if you don't have /fly which you can get from crates or by buying the bedrock rank from the store.
  • Pickaxe level is huge, every player needs at least a level 1,000 pickaxe. What pickaxe levels do is it increases the amount of crystals you can have on your pick at once. Therefore helping you prestige, get money, or get tokens at a faster rate.
When I am on the server one of the most frequently asked questions are related to crystals. For example: 'How do I apply a crystal to my pickaxe?'
I will explain everything ranging from the type of crystals to how you work them.

Below are the types of crystals you can receive and how they work.
Token boost: Once applied to your pickaxe you will receive a boost on all tokens earned based on whatever the crystal percentage is.
Sell boost: Once applied to your pickaxe you will receive a boost on all autosells based on whatever the crystal percentage is.
Exp boost: Once applied to your pickaxe all exp earned while mining will be boosted by whatever the crystal percentage is.

How do I apply a crystal? For the most part, you will receive an unidentified crystal, to actually see what kind of crystal it is you have to right click your crystal to identify it. Then you have to right click on your pickaxe, click the nether star, and drag the identified crystal onto the green dye. If the green dye is gray that means there are no empty crystal slots and you have to either remove a previous crystal or level up your pickaxe. Like I said in the changelog the way the crystal percentage is determined is you take whatever the tier is and multiply it by 5 to get the minimum percentage it can be, to get the maximum you take the crystal tier and multiply it by 10 to get the maximum.

How do I upgrade a crystal? To increase the tier of a crystal you have to take two of the same tier crystals, identify them, then turn them into dust by right clicking the two identified crystals and clicking turn to dust. Once you have two of the same tier dust you then right click the dust and then click the nether star.


That's pretty much it, I hope you guys could understand this thread and I hope it could help you on what to do when you first start. If there is anything you want added/changed then please feel free to reply to this thread and let me know. I will be keeping up with it and updating it as needed.

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