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    Get your shit together staff team

    This should not be in general though. There is a specific private text area for this.
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    The Prison Experience ft VexedMC FUNNY CHEATER AND MORE

    Good video, but you didn't have to post it here.
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    Adding bounties

    Or maybe a player must past a specific playtime in-game/pay a certain fee of some sort to be able to bounty others/get bountied.
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    Pickaxe Crystals

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    Key Backpacks

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    Haz8989's Enchant Calculator

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    Guide to catch cheaters on video.

    Detailed and pretty helpful, Good job! (y)
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    Improvisors' Introduction

    @pramsing I believe those are just some people who worked hard on the server every day but are disappointed due to the fact that they think they just wasted their time.
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    Improvisors' Introduction

    Tell me who isn't pram.
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    Diversity's Gang Recruitment

    Diversity Gang Info & Requirements Diversity is a friendly and easygoing gang sustained by @[Co-Owner] Mentos and @[Owner] BatBrine at the moment. If you need or want to know more information about Diversity feel free to pm either of us. We currently have 13/15 slots available. <!>Must have...
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    Haz8989's Enchant Calculator

    Nice. It's actually very helpful and well-made. Props to the creators :D
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    Kenneth's FPS Boosting Guide

    Well done, very helpful for low end pcs or the people who use macs. :)
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    Hey Crazy
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    User Titles

    Thank you!