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  1. DJRedNightMC


    So, I have mixed feelings about this. Mainly due to the fact that you can find numerous players on the server buying tokens. You can then exchange that cash for other items in the /ah or you can prestige with that cash. I feel as though there are enough things going on with the economy from...
  2. DJRedNightMC

    An issue With my Bal

    I would suggest asking in the #support channel in discord. You can find a link in my signature.
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    [Season 5] Most In-Depth Pickaxe Upgrading Guide To Date! (Including Bonus Crystal Guide)

    Introduction Hello everyone! Welcome to this in-depth guide to pickaxe upgrades in Season 5 of VexedMC Prison Server! This guide was made to help new, advanced, and expert players of all experience levels upgrade their pickaxe quickly, efficiently, and most of all with the most fun. We have...
  4. DJRedNightMC

    Removing/Decreasing Enchants

    I don't feel as though this would be a good idea. It would eventually end up hurting the economy because people could get back their tokens. I think the system is good as is. If you need more tokens, then invest into a token pick.
  5. DJRedNightMC

    DJRedNightMC Vouch Thread

    Hey there! If you're reading this forum post, it means that you've either done business with me, or you're about to. This thread has all the users that have done business with me successfully, and their review. If you are looking to do business, scroll through and look at the people i've done...
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    Prestige mines

    Still, if you want token blocks, then you should donate. Its legit like $5 for the lowest rank. Not that much.
  7. DJRedNightMC

    Prestige mines

    Considering that there are alot of prestige ranks, I don't think that this would be a viable option. I rather see more auto-miners. Too many extra mines and not enough people. If you want more money, use an autominer. If you want more tokens. Consider donating. Thats my opinion.