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  1. SpicyNoodle

    How are y'all?

    Been a hot minute how is everyone doin?
  2. SpicyNoodle

    I have returned

    Return: I have returned after a while from the server, I believe before I left in probably 2018 start of 2019 Its been a rollercoaster of wtf, let me tell you what happened before coming back to this amazing ass server What has happened?: What has happened while I have died from this server...
  3. SpicyNoodle

    Catch Up

    Aye what's good, I have not been on the server in a very long time nor have I been on this forum and Its so cool to see the amazing people that still make this place function, so whats good everyone lmao
  4. SpicyNoodle


    Links Thought I made a links page for the server ➤ Discord VexedMC Discord ➤ Votes Vote #1 Vote #2 Vote #3 Vote #4 Vote #5 ➤ Store VexedMC Store ➤ Forums Forums ➤ Applications Staff Application Media Application ➤ Trophy Achievements/Awards Trophies Page ➤ IP
  5. SpicyNoodle

    Off topic forum

    Like the discord a off topic chat for the forums so we can talk about other topics not mainly focused on the server
  6. SpicyNoodle

    New Staff

    New staff @DadPlz @ImNilex @EzCoins (This should be right) Congratulations people, I’m sure all of you are gonna do amazing as a staff and make a positive impact on the server, can’t wait to see what you can do to help the server, GG for the staff
  7. SpicyNoodle

    Notable Member

    Finally xD I'm a notable member for messages xDDD #TrynaBeActiveYouKnowWhatI'mSaying Also likes
  8. SpicyNoodle


    Christmas ❄️ Do you celebrate Christmas? ❄️ What is everyone doing this Christmas? ❄️ What does Christmas mean to you? ❄️ What do you really want for Christmas? Merry Christmas People 12 Days and counting
  9. SpicyNoodle

    Christmas suggestion

    Aye, we only have a few weeks left till Christmas! Suggestion: On Christmas, everyone who has played on the server for more than 3 hours gets a nice present with tokens and money, obviously, this is not for people with 5T, but for smaller users, also a chance to receive a rank Suggestion 2...
  10. SpicyNoodle

    Small Gang recruiting

    New Gang recruiting :) SpicyBois 1. Active 2. 50k+ Blocks 3. Rank R or higher 50k blocks in gang = Member 100k blocks in gang = Trusted 800k blocks in gang = Officer Comment You name or DM me on discord If you are interested in joining
  11. SpicyNoodle

    Respect towards staff #2

    Staff recognition 2 Hello staff seems you like this so I'll do another one Let's start at what staff deserve Staff deserve way better treatment then they get I saw a staff being disrespected which honestly was so such a stupid move from the people all because what one mistake, we're...
  12. SpicyNoodle

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hello! Today is Thanksgiving, I wanted to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving, Y'all are the best especially the staff here, keep the server how it is #HappyThanksgiving I tried
  13. SpicyNoodle

    Respect towards the staff

    I'm gonna put this out there, staff on this server are so nice, they like know what they are doing, Legit there is a lot of staff who deserves admin/mod I don't want to name SamLegends, Qed Anyway the staff are really helpful and they don't receive the credit deserved, they help at a cost of...
  14. SpicyNoodle

    Introduction xD Nothing special about me anyway

    Hello, I Am SpicyNoodle xD as you can tell, VexedMC is the only server I really enjoy, its hard to find servers like this, that is why I donated to obsidian xD, ➤ Boring Facts about myself I love to play games, I have been playing them for my whole life. Making people happy is one of my...
  15. SpicyNoodle

    Spread the positive vibes

    Comment something nice of someone, something, cat, dog, doesn't matter spread the positive vibes, everyone on the server should be spreading positive vibes, like helping a new member, or giving money/tokens/keys. If you do it on the server post a picture of you doing something like this!
  16. SpicyNoodle

    All Donator commands

    ➢ Donator commands(if you have a higher donation rank then the others, you get their perms aswell Ex. Vexed rank gets all the perms below that rank) ➤ Coal rank(can receive from Rare, and Vexed crates, and voting) $10 (no discount added) Permanent 1.1x sell multiplier along and a 2x lucky...
  17. SpicyNoodle

    Commands of the server! All access commands

    Hello! I'd thought I try to help by making a list of commands describing what each one does and how to perform the command! ➢ Basic commands(commands everyone can do) ➤ Most Important /rules 1, 2, 3, etc, the most important command, this will show you the server rules, make sure you know the...
  18. SpicyNoodle

    Server Poll

    How are you feeling on the server?