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    Happy Halloween!
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    More tokengreen, lucky, and combo

    Personally I don't see any reason to increase either of these. It isn't supposed to be extremely easy to get a ton of tokens and you aren't supposed to be able to get crystals easily. You're supposed to work for it and if you get crystals you can earn more tokens, you could also work on finding...
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    mr. helper on forums

    mr. helper on forums
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    Can any staff reply my appeal?

    ^ be patient and wait for a reply
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    More tokengreen, lucky, and combo

    First the max combo level can't be increased because at level 50 it's already a 100% chance to activate. Second what would be the point of a higher max level of tokengreed and lucky? It's already pretty high and costs a lot for both.
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    I couldnt get on now its saying im not whitelisted

    @Nothing the server was down to fix some things, it's back up now.
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    All Donator commands

    Instead of the Vexed2 kit the Vexed kit now comes with a T3 crystal, the God kit comes with a T2 crystal, and the Bedrock kit comes with a T1 crystal.
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    Removing/Decreasing Enchants

    @FutL you used to be able to disenchant and get 50% of your tokens back but it was removed a couple resets ago, I think to prevent scamming (Someone renting another players pickaxe and disenchanting for tokens or to change the pickaxe). I like the idea but if it were added back it could probably...
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    [Problem] Selling Multipliers

    Left click the sign without holding the multiplier it in your hand @CZYGORVYN
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    Make mine keys better

    Then what would be the point of backpacks @Neko? And inventories
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    Make mine keys better

    What would be the point of having mine keys be the most common key if you could get great things like coal rank from the crate? Cause even with a small chance everyone gets hundreds or thousands of mine keys a night and are bounds to get the rank
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    Pickaxe Guide

    This is kinda outdated, NightVision is gone and Speed isn't the best to start off, just got to TokenGreed and Lucky like TheGrind's post says (mainly follow that) Otherwise though this is an ok guide still xD
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    Chest Shop Guide [Updated]

    Thread locked on @Tra's request xd
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    They could be dropped with /dropitem and with that you could throw it into fire / lava. You could also take the crystals off before the person gets their pick back etc. How could this be avoided with this system @ImUpForDiscord?
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    Prestige mines

    Also not even $5 @DJRedNightMC since you can get the 3 lowest donor ranks from the Vexed crate xd
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    If they had to take a quiz before playing I would think most people would leave instead of going through all of that to be honest.
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    @ValoxWayward there's already a post about all the commands which is also more descriptive with more commands
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    Vexedshop & Voteshop Items

    Now that the reset has happened and the Event shop has been changed to the Vexed shop I updated the wording and prices for the post :D
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    Player Guide: Event Shop

    @ValoxWayward there's already a thread about this and it includes the voteshop .-.
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    Prestige mines

    @Beeeaar_ how would the prestige mines be any different from the regular or donor mines? Would there be obsidian (token blocks) or would the blocks sell for more than the other mines? And you get prestige points when you prestige which you can use to upgrade your sell, token, or exp boost.