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  1. pramsing

    Voting Links

    Vote Link #1: Vote Link #2: Vote Link #3: Vote Link #4: Vote Link #5: Vote Link #6:
  2. pramsing

    Key Backpacks

    Key backpacks can hold and open keys. Key Backpacks can have different rarities. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary and Special. The way Key Backpacks are leveled is using another Key Backpack. You drag another key backpack to the emerald in the menu of the backpack you want to level up. Better...
  3. pramsing

    Pickaxe Crystals

    Pickaxe Crystals are items that you apply to your pickaxe to give it certain boosts. You can receive Pickaxe Crystals in the following ways: Voting, Prestige Crate or from the Store You apply Pickaxe Crystals to your pickaxe in the Crystal Menu found by right clicking your pickaxe and clicking...
  4. pramsing

    User Titles

    On the website we have something called User Titles. User Titles are text-based titles that will show next to your name, like so: Your user title is based on the amount of Trophy Points you have. You receive Trophy Points by reaching certain milestones, such as getting certain amounts of posts...
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    Format Staff Application Format

    Read EVERYTHING below if you want any chance of being accepted. Requirements: - You must be an active member of the server and the Discord. - You must be at least 14 years old. - Any lies in the application will get you denied automatically. - If your application is denied, you must wait at...