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  1. ultralemon55

    Whaat upp

    Whaat upp
  2. ultralemon55

    Ahmod's introduction :o

    Hi Amod, hopefully you've been enjoying your time on the server so far. Message me in game or on discord if you ever have any questions. Hope to see you in game! -Lemon
  3. ultralemon55

    I feel old now

    Yeah, a lot of people are more active in discord nowadays. If you haven't joined yet here's the link :). #general and #off-topic are great places to talk to the community and create new friendships! -Lemon
  4. ultralemon55

    Heyo :)

    Welcome back, hope to see you online!
  5. ultralemon55

    IE1 stop being so cute, omg

    IE1 stop being so cute, omg
  6. ultralemon55

    True statement

    True statement
  7. ultralemon55

    Im bored

    Yeah, just working on pickaxe levels at this point.
  8. ultralemon55

    Im bored

    Hey velv, Glad to hear you're enjoying the season, I am too. Sorry for no response I didn't see this :(
  9. ultralemon55

    New Funny Vexed Vid

    Haha, thats awesome. Love a community that could share videos like this!