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  1. HardSafe

    I feel old now

    I’ve been there for a while now probably even before the forum but I still prefer the forum
  2. HardSafe

    I feel old now

    I see how dead the forum is and now I feel sad because for me surfing the forum is one of the best things I could do when it comes to communications.. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in way to many forums to count when we didn’t had a really good alternative like discord(even ts was not good...
  3. HardSafe

    I have returned

    I remember you from 2018 but I don’t know why I do 😁
  4. HardSafe

    Heyo :)

    Helloooooooo :) it's good to be back here !
  5. HardSafe


    Hey Mohammed, nice to meet you. I live in Israel which is quite close to you. Right to the border
  6. HardSafe

    Howdy Partner

    nice to meet you
  7. HardSafe

    Happy new year

    Happy new year :D
  8. HardSafe

    We want PVP!!!

    ah yea.. i forgot about this waiting time, it was very annoying. it was still a boost to new freebies, since normal mines didn't have ''lucky blocks''. and bad pickaxe had shitty rate.
  9. HardSafe

    We want PVP!!!

    no one used it? well I'm not sure when he removed it but i remember 4 months ago that even if you missed it by 3 minutes you pretty much was late because people were destroying it.. plus it never hearts to have a pvp arena even if it's empty P.S I, myself, when didn't have any rank or a good...
  10. HardSafe

    Vote spam

    lol this is the result of voting outside the game for so many days and then logging on.
  11. HardSafe

    Key Backpacks

    Do you need the same backpack to upgrade the same backpack? How does it work?
  12. HardSafe

    Announcements and Rules Section empty

    The title says it all... when it comes to announcements i do see that you post them on discord which is a good add-on. but i don't think it should be an alternate to it. forum is much more practical and easy to follow the history of the announcements. otherwise why are the Announcements even...