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  1. Whoso


    Make it so you can choose what keys your key backpack holds when mining so it only holds vexed instead of any other keys and add vote and vote party keys to it 😊😊 Or maybe a another back you win from prestige / vote or vote party keys that’s only vote and vote party key backpack but a different...
  2. Whoso

    My introduction

    Hello, My name is Ethan or some you may know me as whoso. I’m currently bedrock rank on vexed and I’m slowly making my way up! Now let’s get to the point I would love to intoduce my self to more people just so other people can get to know me! So let’s get started. Hi everyone my name is Ethan -...
  3. Whoso


    Add a way to get crystal keys without vexed rank. (Vexed crates) or from keygreed (5) but like a 0.00001% just to make it possible to get
  4. Whoso

    New enchant

    enchant idea: possibly adding a enchant that allows you to mine blocks quicker in auto miner