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  1. HiGayImDad

    Season spoilers?

    Any info from staff on new features added in season 8 (13?)?
  2. HiGayImDad

    Looking For Gang

    Vexed rank, just started after reset. Usually afk every day while at school/work/asleep. Very active on weekends, and able to contribute hundreds of resources a day.
  3. HiGayImDad

    Food for thought

    +1, but the gang keys should be added to all mines. Make them either decent and as rare as vexed keys, or crappy and kinda common. I feel like the insane grind for gangs makes solo gang nearly impossible
  4. HiGayImDad

    Tokens in Auction House

    We already have the ability to pay people in tokens, why not be able to put items on the /ah for tokens?