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  1. ImNilex

    Exclair's big pp intro

    Well welcome :P Im not a big anime watcher but Sword Art Online is actually super dope :P
  2. ImNilex

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. ImNilex

    New language?

    its the WEEB language
  4. ImNilex

    We want PVP!!!

    The amount of people who actually went there decreased by a lot because it was just a waste of time for most people as they could get more money and tokens by mining elsewhere. A normal PvP Area wouldn't be bad but something like the PvP Mine where you have to wait for it to start would most...
  5. ImNilex

    New Staff

    Thanks <3
  6. ImNilex

    We want PVP!!!

    I think pramsing has said before that he removed the PvP-Mine because no one really used it, adding it back would probably result in the same thing happening again in the future.
  7. ImNilex

    Unban my brothers account

    As InsaneStorm has already mentioned, you can message a Staff Member and provide proof that it is actually your brother and not an alt. -Nilex
  8. ImNilex

    Coal, Iron, Gold rank Vouchers

    Well it would actually change the economy. It would decrease the value of Rare and Vexed Keys which some people use to make some of their money. Also for "newbies" the rank should be something rewarding that they should farm towards and not just receive a rank by someone who gives out vouchers...