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  1. SpicyNoodle

    How are y'all?

    I'm doin just fine dawg, Wonder if I'll see any past people I know
  2. SpicyNoodle

    How are y'all?

    Been a hot minute how is everyone doin?
  3. SpicyNoodle

    I have returned

    Yiu you right
  4. SpicyNoodle

    I have returned

    Prob but you know Rules for the forums are non-existent,
  5. SpicyNoodle

    I have returned

    Return: I have returned after a while from the server, I believe before I left in probably 2018 start of 2019 Its been a rollercoaster of wtf, let me tell you what happened before coming back to this amazing ass server What has happened?: What has happened while I have died from this server...
  6. SpicyNoodle

    I see that bandit be playing on ya Spotify

    I see that bandit be playing on ya Spotify
  7. SpicyNoodle

    When did you join VexedMC?

    around November 2018
  8. SpicyNoodle

    Post Your Setup!

    Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1050 going to RTX 2070 soon Motherboard: honestly idk CPU: AMD FX 4300 quad core RAM: 16Gb DDR3 Storage: Hard Drive 1TB OS: Windows 10 Headphones: Massdrop X AKG M220 Pro Microphone: Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone Mouse...
  9. SpicyNoodle

    Patrick M. - Introduction

    Welcome, Patrick! Hope to see you on the server
  10. SpicyNoodle

    Growth rate of Token Greed

  11. SpicyNoodle


    The discord link is fine you might be banned or something
  12. SpicyNoodle

    Catch Up

    Aye what's good, I have not been on the server in a very long time nor have I been on this forum and Its so cool to see the amazing people that still make this place function, so whats good everyone lmao
  13. SpicyNoodle

    Can any staff reply my appeal?

    Be patient
  14. SpicyNoodle

    Kid if you didn't actually use nuker which is very hard to believe a staff would false ban you...

    Kid if you didn't actually use nuker which is very hard to believe a staff would false ban you because the staff here are great, but don't post hate towards the staff via profile updates, make an appeal
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  16. SpicyNoodle

    FEAR Recruitment

  17. SpicyNoodle

    Pickaxe level calculator

    ok xD helpfull for grinders
  18. SpicyNoodle

    Happy New Year!

    Nice message ig xD GG man
  19. SpicyNoodle

    Small Gang Recruitment - The Threats

    So you going forum to forum saying random stuff xD jk jk but seriously what is the thanks for is this even your thread XD
  20. SpicyNoodle

    My Introduction

    Unnecessary and unneeded information but ok then, btw this isn't your thread smh you have to create one for a introduction not reply to someone elses