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    u stoped

    u stoped
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    epi c

    epi c
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    u smell baguette

    u smell baguette
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    New Enchant For Reset

    This was suggested a good trillion times and was denied to the fact that it causes way too much lag for the server to handle. It was once an enchant but was removed due to the lag that it was causing, and was instead replaced with more autominers. Also, there is a suggestions sub-forum, make...
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    Is vexed at its worst Or its best?

    is vewwy cool
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    Yeah vexed is fun but you ever just feel happy for .3 seconds...

    Yeah vexed is fun but you ever just feel happy for .3 seconds? Me neither.
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    @GotHimInA1Point7 who reads books in 2019 lmao. Imagine reading books and writing poems lol insert :sadcatto: emoji here
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    Haven't watched Sky in like 2192183012731283 years and I totally forgot his existance. Big oof and rip on your ban. glhf
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    My Introduction

    Hopefully you enjoy Vexed, and I can guarantee your paid rank won't be reset ;) Feel free to dm me at Evernyte#7212 on discord if you need anything ;D
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    Hi I'm DadPlz.

    Congrats on staff you gnome
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    Announcements and Rules Section empty

    +1, the rules and announcements haven't been used and should be used to inform players of the announcements. This would help with people who cannot go on discord but still want to see giveaways or updates/resets.
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    Bedrock -> God rank upgrade (75$)

    Locking thread due to it being irrelevant and the user being banned.
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    Notable Member

    Don't post useless replies like dab and double dab please smh
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    Enchantment Calculator

    I've updated the calculator to allow Greed to go up to 3000
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