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Oct 27, 2018
Hello. The forums here seems dead but I’m still willing to create an introduction about me so you guys can learn more about me.
My IGN is TankNRoxy, I’m mostly known as Fifal on the internet.
I am 15 y/o boy currently at the 10th grade. I’ve been playing Minecraft mainly since 2012/13 , But it was all Single player.
In 2014 I found out about servers, and played lotsa cracked servers at that time. I’ve met lots of great people.
In real life I’m usually alone, because I have this thing called “social anxiety”. haha yes.
I’m the “weirdest” guy at my school so yeah I’ve got fame, doesn’t matter if its dem haters.

Anyways, lezz hop into a few facts about me:

~ I’m a weeb, yes, you read that correctly.
~I’m actually trying to learn Japanese because I’m a weeb and I really love the language HAHAHA.
~Everybody be listening to KPop.. But I listen to JPop 8).
~So I had this damn injury last year and now I can’t go to my kickboxing training sessions or participate in tournaments.
~I’m gonna be less active from now on because of school. Also I’ve got those mid term exams from 15th dec till 20th Jan.
~Shoutout to my friends musava,Jona,Fin, Tanner, Amaz and Devil (lucifer :3)

Thank you for reading :L
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