Unofficial Guide/FAQ 1st December Update (Event Shop, Vote Shop)


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Nov 14, 2018
Hello everyone this is my very first thread, and today i would like to answer some Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the newest update that got added into the VexedMC Prison server.

Lets start off what got added in the server:
EventShop: This is a shop where you can buy items with Event Points, Event Points is a currency that you can use to buy items within the shop.
The EventShop includes great useful items like: Legendary Crystals, Crystal Crate Keys, and plenty of more items that you can use.
You gain Event Points by voting or breaking blocks (mining). Per 1000blocks that you mine you will be rewarded with 10Event Points which again can be used within the shop.
There is also a way to see who has the highest Event Points and those with the highest Event Points they will be awarded rewards as the Event Shop will be gone at 1st January
The Top 3 people that had the highest Event Points at that time will get:
#1 = $50 Store Gift Card
#2 = $25 Store Gift Card
#3 = $10 Store Gift Card

Then we get to the same as EventShop but a bit different:
VoteShop: This is a shop where you can buy items with Vote Points, Vote Points is a currency that you can use to buy items within the shop.
The VoteShop also includes the same items as EventShop but there is 1item that is not availiable to get which is: Christmas Event Keybackpack
You gain Vote Points by voting (pretty straightforward).
Also a difference with EventShop, VoteShop will stay permanent unlike Event Shop that will be gone on 1st January.
The Top 3 people that had the most Vote Points at the end of the month will get rewarded with:
#1 = $50 Store Gift Card
#2 = $25 Store Gift Card
#3 = $10 Store Gift Card

Crystal Dust: This is a item that can be used to recycle your crystals that you are not wanting to use or willing to use it, or simply dont want it anymore.
Crystal Dust can be used to craft high rarity crystals. Let me explain how it works:
It takes 4 dust items to make the next rarity crystal.
When you have 4 Common Crystals you can then recycle it for dust, This will give you 4 Crystal Dusts, then when you are wanting to craft your new higher rarity crystal it will give you an freshly new Unidentified Uncommon Crystal, which can be applied to your pickaxe.
This 'creating dust from crystals' goes on till Legendary Crystals, When you are trying to make dust off an Legendary Crystal things get interesting (look next topic)

Crystal Reroll Token: This is a item that can reroll your Crystal enchant and percentage (%) People mostly will use this when they are not satisfied with their current enchant that they have on their Crystal, People will be also using this to boost their percentage of their enchant while rerolling their enchant.
You can get the Crystal Reroll token from:
EventShop and VoteShop

Crystal Crowbar: This is a item that can be used to safely remove your crystals that are applied on your pickaxe.
You can get it from the EventShop and VoteShop.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) :

Q: How do i see how much Event Points, Vote Points i have?

A: Open up /eventshop & /voteshop then hover on the gray glass.

Q: Is there a way to get Event Points, Vote Points faster?

A: No.

Q: Can I pay someone Event Points or Vote Points?

A: No, to make this fair for everyone

Q: How do i get Event Points, Vote Points?

A: You get Event Points by mining (10Event Points per 1k mined blocks) and get 1 Vote Point per voting.

Q: Do i get Event Points by mining in AutoMiner?

A: Yes, you do get Event Points but at a slower rate.

Q: Can i trade Crystal Dust?

A: Yes, you can drop and sell your Crystal Dust item.

Q: Can i trade Crystal Reroll tokens?

A: Yes, you can drop and sell you Crystal Reroll Tokens.

Q: Can i trade Crystal Crowbars?

A: Yes.

Q: Can i stack Crystal Dust & Crystal Reroll & Crystal crowbars?

A: Yes.

Q: Can i combine an Rare Crystal Dust with Uncommon Crystal dust (or others combined)

A: No, you can only combine the same type of dust.

Q: If i reroll my Crystal am i guaranteed to get a type of enchant?

A: No, you are going to get a random enchant so if you have Token Boost (54%) it could be Sell boost (64%) or something similair.

Q: Where can i use my Event Points?

A: /eventshop

Q: Where can i use my Vote Points?

A: /voteshop

Thanks for reading my guide, there could be some misspelled or sentences that were not written right, i would like to apologize for it, English is not my primary language.
If you liked this guide a like on the thread will be appreciated. Let me know if it answered some of your questions.
I'm not 100% that everything is correct since this is uploaded on the same day as the update came out, there could also be some changes to how everything may function.
If i forgot something to add let me know!
Some tips that can improve this thread could also be appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for reading! Have a great day!
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