Pickaxe Crystals


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Jul 31, 2018
Pickaxe Crystals are items that you apply to your pickaxe to give it certain boosts.

You can receive Pickaxe Crystals in the following ways: Voting, Prestige Crate or from the Store
You apply Pickaxe Crystals to your pickaxe in the Crystal Menu found by right clicking your pickaxe and clicking the Nether Star.

There's currently 3 different boosts that Pickaxe Crystals can give: EXP Boost, Sell Boost and Token Boost.

There's currently 4 different Pickaxe Crystal rarities:

Boost percentage: 1-5%

Boost percentage: 5-20%

Boost percentage: 20-50%

Boost percentage: 50%+

All crystals except Legendary have an equal chance to get any percentage. That means if you identify a Common Crystal, your chance of receiving a 1% boost is the same as it being a 5% boost.

Legendary Crystals are a little different. When you identify a legendary crystal, there's a 50% chance for the minimum and maximum percentage to go up. If you're lucky and it the percentages are boosted, then there's another 50% chance for it to get boosted again, and this continues infinitely.
This essentially means the following:

50% chance to get a "stock" Legendary Crystal, which is a random number between 50 and 100.
50% chance for it to get boosted. The minimum gets boosted by 5, and maximum gets boosted by 15. So a random number between 55 and 115.
If you get it boosted, you get a 50% chance again for it to get boosted, so it would be boosted by 5 minumum and 15 for maximum. So random number between 60 and 130.
And so on...