My introduction:

Dec 7, 2018
Hello! My IGN is kizzfan, but I would be happy if you could just call me kizz :D. I am a boy from Norway (I will be 15 in 2 days), and I joined Vexed around a month ago, on November 13th, 2018, and I registered for the forums 5 days ago. I found VexedMC by looking at server lists and thought it looked cool. I enjoy the server very much! When I first joined I didn't think I was going to play as much as I do now, I just wanted something to do when not PvPing. I want to learn Java, so I can program mods for Minecraft, as well just getting into programming, as that is something I enjoy doing. A kinda short introduction, but it'll do for now :) Looking forward to meeting some new people!
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