My introduction


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Sep 1, 2018
Hello, My name is Ethan or some you may know me as whoso. I’m currently bedrock rank on vexed and I’m slowly making my way up! Now let’s get to the point I would love to intoduce my self to more people just so other people can get to know me! So let’s get started. Hi everyone my name is Ethan - Whoso I started to play vexedmc last map around the beginning I was gold rank during that map and I loved to play as you can tell I still play 😀Well I’m currently part of the #4 gang! And I love it there community is completly amazing if anyone in the gang sees this just know you make a difference in this server and always remember that! Well I’m am currently 14 but I’ll be turning 15 In 7 days so you can tell my birthday is 10/13 but back to what I’m here to say, I’m a good guy I always do my best to help people some times I may not know the answer many of you guys may be looking for but I still try to help and always remember I’m here just wanted to throw that out there so people can ask me questions to save the staff sometime so remember I’m here if you need any help.

Sincerely Whoso/Ethan