Hosting a Jackpot System


New Member
Feb 16, 2019
Hey everyone! I have developed a daily Jackpot system, in replace of the redundant /jp command!

How it works:
There are four different pots: Low, Medium, High, and Unlimited. You can enter the pots by purchasing their associated tickets by contacting me, 3636, in game. Each ticket gives you one opportunity to win. For example, if there are 150 tickets in the game, and you own 50 of them, you have 50
opportunities (out of a possible 150) to win the pot! Additionally, when you purchase a number of tickets, the total you paid goes into the pot (minus a 2.5% processing fee). So, if there was 100B in the pot, and you purchased 50B worth of tickets, the pot would now be 148.75B, which is the 50B added minus the 2.5% fee. Each pot is spun every 24 hours at 3:00AM EST. The winner of each pot will be posted on the plot, along with your prize money being reserved.

Low Pot Info
Each ticket costs 500M each. Maximum 100 tickets per person.

Medium Pot Info
Each ticket costs 2.5B each. Maximum 200 tickets per person.

High Pot Info
Each ticket costs 20B each. Maximum 250 tickets per person.

Unlimited Pot Info
Each ticket costs 25B each. No maximum amount of tickets per person. Go nuts!

Terms and Conditions
There is no claim time for your prize. Please note that if you are AFK, but online, your prize may be paid to you during your AFK session. If you do not respond to my messages prior to sending you the money while AFK, I will screenshot the payment to provide evidence that I have paid. If I am unable to provide this screenshot should you decide to question me, I will be forced to pay you again. If I do provide the screenshot, but it was someone impersonating you, your prize will be delivered once a report on the player has been made under impersonation. If I do provide the screenshot, but it was to someone who had a different name to yours and was not an obvious impersonation, your prize will be given to you as soon as possible. If I do provide the screenshot, and it is indeed sent to you, the winner, then all accusations and further questioning must be dropped. Failure to do so will result in you being barred from participating in the jackpot ever again.