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    Small Gang recruiting

    Good Luck Lol
  4. ShadowHunter1103

    Coal, Iron, Gold rank Vouchers

    You make a good point, I myself use rare and vexed keys as my money source
  5. ShadowHunter1103

    Donator ranks get access to redstone

    although i agree with you, I have bedrock rank, and I think it would be kinda annoying getting restone if I collect my kit beacause then I would have to keep throwing the redstone out everytime. What there should be is something like /kit "redstone" that everybody has access to
  6. ShadowHunter1103

    how did you find out about this server

    I originally found it in like 2017 off a "top prisons" website lol
  7. ShadowHunter1103

    Who dis

    Sup :)