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    {RESET Info}

    Is this rlly necessary?
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    New Enchant For Reset

    explosion is never going to get in the game sorry
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    Looking For GiftCards Total Needed Is $27.50 But Any Amount $5 And Over Is Fine!

    i think you will have more luck finding someone in the discord in the channel #trades
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    We want PVP!!!

    Adding pvp has it's positives and negatives Yes people would pvp a lot in the beginning but just as with everything else they'll get bored of it after a while, forcing pramsing to remove it again. To then end up in the same situation again.
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    Announcements and Rules Section empty

    I agree with this, i can never find a written down version of the server and forum rules. The only thing i can refer players to is /rules in-game atm.