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  1. Tourick123

    Server down?

    Yes its down. If you want a quicker response, join the Discord.
  2. Tourick123


    Cant they be dropped and de-spawned?
  3. Tourick123


    I like the idea, but there could be some flaws that may be pointed out. Such as if the pickaxe is destroyed? Will a "copy" be rented, or will it be the actual pickaxe?
  4. Tourick123

    200B GIVEAWAY | VexedMC | Episode #1

    Hope I win :)
  5. Tourick123

    Pickaxe guide (beginning of reset)

    Helped a lot. Was told that fortune was the way to go till I read this :P
  6. Tourick123

    Coal, Iron, Gold rank Vouchers

    I like the idea. Would love to be able to help give some of the new players a rank, but only if they show that they've been playing for a little bit, and will continue to put in time.
  7. Tourick123

    Memes Please

    Saw this earlier today :) Cant upload a picture as it is too much space :(
  8. Tourick123

    Introduction xD Nothing special about me anyway

    Hiii SpicyNoodle. Feel free to talk / msg with me whenever :))