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  1. Evernyte

    Enchantment Calculator

    Hello everyone, My name is Evernyte and I'm a Moderator on here. I've been working on a calculator for a while, and thanks to @pramsing 's help and @xCrazyGenetics 's testing, I've completed it. The Calculator consists of every single enchant in the game. As for ShowOff, over level 889, every...
  2. Evernyte

    Veritate Gang Recuitment

    Hello everyone, The Veritate Gang is currently looking for two more members to join the gang. The requirements are as follows : - A Maxed Pickaxe (including Tokengreed) - Prestige 800 (preferably 1000 or over) - You MUST have a Discord Account - You are required to be active in game most of the...
  3. Evernyte


    hI hELlo yes my name is MultiDust, you can also call me nevernyte or diamond, uhhhhhhhhh, I'm helper on here and used to be moderator on here from october to around april or so, when I resigned. But I'm back now and if I see someone asking for gangs I'm going to completely die inside. If you...