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  1. Peterrxdd

    No me deja entrar al servidor URGENTE

    @SuarezMC You need a premium minecraft account to play the server.
  2. Peterrxdd

    $25 gift card for 25T

    Thread locked.
  3. Peterrxdd

    Off topic forum

    I mean, it's a good suggestion, but in my opinion, Discord is a more appropriate platform for communicating and for off-topic things. After all, there are more users in the server discord, so you have more people to talk to in there :)
  4. Peterrxdd

    We want PVP!!!

    Warp PvP and PvP-Mine used to be things on the server, but I assume they got removed due to them being inactive and people spent more of their time mining, rather than PvPing. We don't really know what we'll do with PvP in the future, but for now, it'll be just prison.
  5. Peterrxdd

    ECKSDEE indeed

    ECKSDEE indeed
  6. Peterrxdd

    g2f (Emily) Introduction

    Welcome back to the server Emily, I hope you enjoy it again! (I'm really shook that we watch the same shows xD)
  7. Peterrxdd


    Moved your thread to "Introductions and Farewells" :P
  8. Peterrxdd


    Heya there Fade, welcome on the server! Thank you for the nice words, hope you have a great time on here! ;)
  9. Peterrxdd

    My Introduction

    Welcome to the server Marioss, hope you have a great time! We've known each other for a while, and you seem like a very nice and kind guy. It's nice to have you on here! :D
  10. Peterrxdd

    Known as ThinkMuch, Peterrxdd, PeterSppark, PeterSpO0Fk, smokehim, PeterA19, PeterSppark again...

    Known as ThinkMuch, Peterrxdd, PeterSppark, PeterSpO0Fk, smokehim, PeterA19, PeterSppark again and more... I like changing my name :)
  11. Peterrxdd

    We are recruiting for Infinity Clan!

    This is good and all, but they are called GANGS not clans...
  12. Peterrxdd


    hEy everyone!!
  13. Peterrxdd


    le oOf
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    Hey! I'm a NEW staff member from almost a year ago, just passing by and saying hi to all the people that don't know who I am (cause I was on vacation for 10 days so yeah, lots of new people don't know me). I'd like to meet new people, I like long walks on the beac... shit wait...:mad: Ook...