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    Hallo everyone

    Hallo everyone
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    Enchantment Calculator

    Hello i am a Listener.
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    Pickaxe Upgrade

    It's a custom plugin.
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    Server reset

    Sorry i didn't knew it, But there will be a reset at 2 february.
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    Server reset

    There's no reset planned.
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    We want PVP!!!

    When Pramsing brings back pvpmine then there will be some players Pvping probaly but after some days it'll be dad as hell again so it's not a goo idea to bring it back (My opinion).
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    Pickaxe level calculator

    Idk if it's the right amount of exp, But i made an application for it
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    I made this one in Java and i made my newst one with C#, Well i didn't fully made it myself but most of it.
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    Improved version of the Discord RCP.

    Sup guys, around a month ago I made an application for a Discord Rich Presence. Tbh, it was really bad. It had bugs, games were overwriting it, etc... So I've been working on a new Application. Games are no longer overwriting this Rich Presence. A lot of people asked me how to do it. Step 1...
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    Just saying, I'm currenty developing a way better version of this. I'm doing my best to fix every bug and make the program looks so much better. :)
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    The only way to fix this is to remove the players in the rich presence, But im still trying to fix this, And im also fixing the icon ^.
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    Thanks, I will fix it :)
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    Update - Added Rank. - Added Gang. - Changed ''playing'' to ''VexedMC". - Changed the text if you hover the small image. - Replaced ''playing vexedmc'' in the presence to the player count and replaced the player count with the IGN. - Fixed the hiden application bug. - Added the...
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    Yus, Jordy
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    VexedMC Discord rich presence

    Update - Added a hide button so you can hide the program and let it run in the backrground. If you hided it it adds an icon to your hiden programs ( If you want to show the program, Double click it. Download: Click here
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    My Introduction

    Welcome to the server Marioss, hope you have a great time! We've known each other for a while, and you seem like a very nice and kind guy. It's nice to have you on here! :D